Month: June 2011

T-Bone Sallie goes to the Cemetery with Friends

T-Bone's not afraid of grave stones, neither am I
These stones in the back are my and TB Sallie's favorite stones. She likes them because they were short. I like them because of their floral arrangements and the overly dramatic religious zeal on the right.












Canace and Janet fell in love with T-Bone Sallie
...of course they did










TB Sallie strikes her best pose. I just want to chew on her ears.

The experience of waiting for dinner

This process is sometimes unbearable to some dogs and they apply different waiting methods.

Benny surrenders to the inevitable wait by sliding down onto the floor, getting flat and sighing a lot
His house mate Buddy feels about the same and picks a spot nearer to the kitchen and flattens out.











Penny on the other hand is a silent, stand and wait-er. She will move occasionally, look out a window but will always come back to the feeding area to check in and silently stand and wait.
Still waiting...












Meanwhile Buddy and Benny are getting flatter and flatter in resignation. It's always a relief when it's time to feed everyone. I can hardly stand the tension.




Several things about Buster

Buster is here, my dog nephew, the puppy, occasional floor pee-on’r, silly boy.
When I’m boarding Buster he’s happy because he has his own cat here, her name is Hope. Hope the black cat, Hope the patient, Hope the brave.

Buster bounces at Hope. He will stand in one spot in front of Hope and bounce, expressing his joy in knowing her. Boing boing, “you are the best cat” Boing boing, “I’m thinking about placing my two front paws on your head, I’m so excited”, Boing boing, “Wait don’t go, that was only one.” Boing boing.

Buster has a brown lip. Just the bottom. It’s amazing, this lip. And huge ears crown his puppy head, I’m excited to think he may not grow into them. They may always be big. Like bat ears. Big bat ears and a brown lip.

Sometimes I bring Buster to the place where I work PT. He experiences puppy boredom, which usually occurs when those around him are doing things other than staring at him, holding him, walking him, kissing him or playing with him. This kind of puppy boredom looks something like this:

Momma Dogs

I use this phrase to describe my favorite kind of dog, the female with a sensible ability to correct other dogs. Females in general dictate behavior in a group of dogs, but not all have the knack for sensible bossiness but when they do, they’re gold.
I have been lucky to have several momma dogs that I regularly board. They help me manage the others. Often some dogs have not had the luxury of living out their puppydom with their dog moms and have missed out on important canine obedience training. These momma dogs always oblige in managing inappropriate behavior.

What momma dogs manage is what’s appropriate in dog standards, which is often different from what humans pay attention to or is behavior humans interpret differently than dogs. But I guarantee, if you have a steady and balanced momma dog and you let her teach and manage other dogs, you’ll find those dogs behaving better by human standards as well.
These special girls are my helpers. I love me some Momma Dog.


Welcome to

I am boarding dogs here in Hudson Valley NY and am happy you’re reading my blog.

I’m hoping to post to you weekly, including helpful hints about caring for/training dogs, recommending quality foods, posting great pictures and telling you about the various dogs I have the privilege of boarding. Please check in with me and see what’s new.