Month: July 2011

A swim for Azay

Azay is an interesting name for a very handsome large Golden Retriever I have the pleasure of boarding occasionally. He’s a gentle soul and a looker indeed. Ayumi and I took him to the stream in High Falls


This water is such a cool relief from our Hudson Valley heat wave
Azay spots a sleek black German Shepard swimming with his owner










Mid shake, love this picture
He's Dog Star cute










Ayumi Horie took all photos

A Hot Day in the Hamlet

Honest in the kitchen

It hit 100+ yesterday and we were really feeling it here in Cottekill, despite having the AC cranked. My brood of charges spent most of the day prone and very still. No one wanted to go out and play, including the humans.

Azay with Ayumi in her studio, close to the AC







Honey seeks the cool of the studio bathroom tiles



Jacob zzzzzz








Our Poncho, it's beyond me why he would lay on this wool bed..



Beautiful Hope, on the landing. It's as far upstairs as she would go.










Best cure for this kind of heat? Two water bowls, ice cubes, fans and AC.



Sad to see them go

The sweetest beloved, TBoneSallie. She has a huge chunk of my heart.

Something has come up for me, being a boarder of dogs. A sadness in seeing the dogs go back home. An attachment grows and I regret when they leave.
When I had a dog walking business in NYC and used to pet sit, it didn’t bother me as much to leave my dogs because the next day I would be back, taking them for their walks. Now that I’m out of the city, upstate and not walking dogs daily, I only see my dogs the next time my clients go out of town. It’s a different relationship now. Maybe this sadness is a luxury to feel, someone might roll their eyes even, but it’s real for me.


Otis, scrappy and happy. An excellent, gentle playfulness.





Just now, not but two minutes ago I said goodbye to Otis. He’s like furry sunshine and although our house is happy it’s not quite as bright when he leaves.



Penny, she can melt anyone's heart, dogs and people alike.


The more I think about this, I begin to believe it is a luxury to feel this particular kind of melancholy. How many people get to have these temporary relationships, with dogs or anyone else for that matter? Brief times of cuddling and caring for someone, then the goodbye and eventually a hello again? This experience is an example of that which “hurts so good”.




Photos taken by Ayumi Horie

More Gertie


Here’s a little peek into my yard with Gertie, she’s just a little slip of a girl. The sweetest Chihuahua I know.

Gertie likes being outside with me
Things are big in Gertie's world. Even grass is big.





There are certain rituals that must be upheld when outside. First, find some sort of insect or worm that has died and roll on it. This gives other dogs scent information about your good taste and status in the yard.




Also, squinting is customary to enhance the "very small dog in big world under a powerful sun" look












But the most important task in Gertie's trip outside is sunning her bat like ears.

Thank you for visiting me in Robin's yard. I'll just be here squinting and sunning..










Finding refuge from what she considers the riff raff below
Gertie prefers the company of the two legged variety










Photos taken by Ayumi Horie