Month: August 2011

Something amusing I see in these pictures..

…is that I don’t notice the rambunctious behavior of the dogs right next to me. I obliviously continue to answer work emails. I’m like a mom who can’t hear her children’s deafening shrieks as they wrestle and play in grocery stores. The mom who let’s her children run through the tables at a restaurant…you’ve experienced them. That’s me, at least in these pictures.

I like to see this because I often spend a lot of time making sure dogs are behaving well, going outside often enough, not eating the furniture, eating their food, going for walks. It’s funny to see I too can let my children swing from the rafters occasionally. But just at home, never in public..  🙂

Beauregard and Buster, puppies doing what they do best. I love hearing them wrestling around. It means they're occupied and not eating shoes and table legs.
These two played for hours on end. They took such pleasure in pouncing on each other, it was so amusing.










There I am, oblivious..
look at how Robin sits calmly while wild savages thrash each other in the jungle known as the couch.










Beauregard uses Robin's leg for better leverage to spring on his prey, Buster.
All the while the great meditative practices of Dog Boarding have honed Robin's skills at being oblivious to the madcap play happening next to and on her.

Poncho’s 10th Birthday

Poncho, our Boston Terrier had his birthday yesterday. 10 years old. We celebrated by having a party for him (and us) the night before. As guests, we had the dogs I’m boarding, our human friends and a couple of their dogs. It was a fun night.

Poncho and his friend Norman the English Bulldog. There was a lot of wrestling in the grass with these two.
Our friends. Many have known Poncho since he was a wee lad. I thought it was sweet that everyone came to celebrate a doggy birthday with us.











One of the many foods made for Poncho's party of which he did not partake. But he lived through our delight vicariously.










I ask you Poncho, what dog is lucky enough to have silly parents who give birthdays and make great cakes that all his human friends get to eat, hmmm?
Happy Birthday Poncho! You are our little gem, you sweet fiesty beast. Love you!










I hope this gives you the idea of giving your dog a party too. They don’t know why everyone’s coming over, but who cares? It’s an excellent reason to have a pot luck party with all your friends in which you can make a cake and have everyone sing to your dog. It’s priceless. 🙂

Pictures were taken by Ayumi Horie and myself. And I must give props for the cake and pie to the lovely Ms. Ayumi. They were delicious.