Month: October 2011

Fall in the Hudson Valley (featuring Clover)

This area offers walks in parks and rail trails of such beauty. Here’s one of those walks.

Here's my crew, Henry, Tin Tin Poncho and wee Clover, walking on the rail trail near the tressle bridge in Rosendale, NY
Ayumi, adoring little Clover with Henry and Tin Tin











Clover, (well most of her) airborne
Is she really that small?!










More leaves on the ground than in the trees at this point
This area used to be mined for cement in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Here's an abandoned conveyer belt










often the miners would hit a spring that would fill the area they were working in and they would abandon it back to nature
The water is often so clear, being spring water. These spots are always beautiful











Clover samples a twig while we enjoy the scenery
A good day

Clover and Henry

A walk on the rail trail

The fast friendship between puppy Clover and youngin’ Henry was such a joy to watch. Essentially, it happened right after their noses touched. Wherever they were, outside or in, play was top on their list with each other. Here’s a video of these two sweethearts:

Insert Dog Here:

Here are some great Fall pictures of my cottage, the backyard and the views from it.

Just look at these pictures and Insert Dog Here:

I’m happy to have this space for myself and my dog boarders. Dogs stay in the cottage, not in kennels and get walks in the neighborhood or mini hikes in the local Scenic Hudson Parks near me. Contact me if it feels like the right place for you and your dog!


Ozzie, the king of calm

Meet Ozzie, he's a very mellow guy rescued from down south. One of my favorites because he lets me kiss his squishy face for several minutes without losing patience.
When confronted with a days many options, he's one of those guys that says, "Hey, I'm up for it, let's just keep it chill."











Even Hope the Cat goes out of her way to connect with Ozzie. She likes him so much I've seen her weave between his legs and bump her head against his face for a quick rub.
The only question is, When's he coming back?