Month: December 2011

Henry and Rusty

These two aren’t inclined to play together for too long, but just enough for me to take a few pictures of these two handsome canines. You can click on any picture to enlarge it.

We had some sun yesterday. Every little bit counts. There's sweet Lexy in the picture too.











Rusty in the sun, shiny and bright.
Henry the Cute. Loads of personality, this one.











I can’t help it, I take a lot of pictures of dogs sleeping. They’re so sweet, soft and squishy, it’s hard to not go over and maul them, which I usually do, thus ending nap time. Here is a series of this month’s sleep pics I’ve taken with my boarding dogs either at my cottage or at Ayumi’s house. Hope you enjoy them and long to reach out to mash and kiss a couple. Click on any pic to enlarge.

This is a common scene no matter where I am with my dogs. If there's a couch, they're on it and I'm not.
If you believe in non-duality, do you see many dogs or just, Dog?











Oh Buster, he has such a cute way of falling asleep partially upright
Paulette and Clover, if I'm stressed out, all I have to do is look at this picture for more than a minute and I need a nap











Pointy ears stand up even when asleep
Poncho with Rusty and Paulette in the background. I know, it's a month of smash faced dogs. I love em










Can you tell which dog isn't sleeping?
This is Clover for the finale picture, augh I just love her

Can Lexy do it?

Lexy is a sweet girl with a few socially awkward traits that are pretty cute. Here’s one of them.

Often dogs stop playing with each other when Lexy comes over to engage with them. They look at her like she's the awkward kid on the playground. Will Lexy be successful with Winston?

Come on Winston, she's a bit clumsy but she's loads of fun!












Winston thinks if he stands really still she'll eventually go away..
What? Winston makes his move!











Lexy, this looks like success!
It's fun making friends to wrestle with

The complex and sometimes frightening poses of Honest

Honest is a favorite dog of mine. He’s an older pit bull mix who along with enjoying a nice hike, adores nap time, which easily stretches into the whole day. I’m showcasing some of his best sleep poses although we should not think him limited to just these, he is a very creative sleeper. All of the poses here were photographed at Ayumi’s house.

He is currently staying with me and we are here at my cottage, I’ll snap a few pictures if he decides to express himself creatively in pose.

Here we have the familiar open mouth pose. It can be scary but it's really not
This is one he broke a personal rule of his by laying on the dog bed as opposed to the couch. We call this, "Wrinkle Face Dreams"











Here's a piece where he decided to be really crazy and actually stay partially awake for, and let's not forget the dangling leg. Brilliant.
This was one he worked hard on to create the illusion of movement where there was none.











Back to some of his earlier work. A real classic.
Now for the finale, I've chosen one of my favories, we call this, "I can sleep anywhere in any position, yes I can"


A Thank You To My Clients And An Early Morning Romp in the Frosty Yard

I have many dogs coming and going this month. The holidays are busy with people venturing out to be with family. I love having so many different dogs coming through, it lends me to be more and more flexible with dogs and life in general. I enjoy this kind of constant change.
And a very warm thank you to all my clients who have me care for their dogs. It means so much to have your trust and to have the relationship I develop with you and your dogs.


We’re into the colder months and the grass and trees are frosty white in the early mornings, it’s beautiful.

Here's little Mabel the Havenese. She's cute and she knows it. She raises her paws over her head like a kid in class to get my attention. She works it I tell ya..
Lookee here, who's Mister Tall N Lanky? That's ma boy Buster. He's like an unlimited supply of Happy. And Tessy coming up from behind.












Fine furries, one and all. I love having these three here with me.

A couple of pictures from the not so early morning. Tess and Fleur, here. They are so similar in temperament and personality, at times it was like watching the positive and negative of a photograph.

Fleur is so shiny
Fleur's eyes are a light brown. Her gaze often looks intense.











Some time in the yard, featuring Stella

Just a lazy moment of warm sun in the yard. Played a little ball, sniffed plants and soaked up the warm Fall weather.

Tassen the regal boy in the back, Nalah's standing with her tail towards us and Stella, trotting in.

Time to throw the ball for Stella











She loves a good game of ball in the sun
Tassen and Stella being patient with picture taking time