Month: January 2012

Al Lou, The Toy And Buster

It’s curious to me how a hard, nylon toy is such a treat to dogs. And the value of the hard, nylon toy increases the more it’s wanted by another. Click on any picture to enlarge.

First there was Al Lou and his chew toy
Then Buster happened along










num num this toy is fun to chew
Then a realization in Al Lou's mind surfaces...."My toy is wanted by someone else.."










I will lay on the toy as an indictaion that it's mine....why is he still closing in?


Teddy and Buster

Here are some pictures of Teddy and Buster demonstrating various wrestle techniques and game strategies. I’ve only got four pictures as the various series that I took didn’t turn out well, a lot of blur, alas.  Click on any picture to enlarge.

I like this sneak attack from under method
Then you've got your, "Who can eat who's mouth first" game










"Stand and put paws on partner's head to appear bigger" strategy, which is akin to the elevator shoes for men from the 70s
But my favorite is the, "what would you look like if you were a one eyed pirate?" game, arrrrgh matey!











Frieda, Fleur and Teddy

Here are my current charges, a variety of sizes and personalities. I’ve taken a couple extra pictures of Frieda as she’s easy to catch in a still pose where Teddy sees the camera and walks away like a harassed movie star. And Fleur being black is hard to photograph in low light which is what I had on our overcast afternoon yesterday. I hope you enjoy and click on any photo to enlarge.

Oh Teddy, you handsome devil you. He's Mr Independent. At first I thought he was aloof but this isn't the case. When he engages, he engages with genuine desire to connect and it feels very good when he does.
Miss Frieda in her downward dog pose. A true yoga teacher.












Fleur the Sweet with her beautiful brown/orange eyes. This dog is the best if you like to grab hold and kiss and maul them. She digs it.
I'd like to tell you she was yelling something but it's just a yawn











Hope the cat and mascot of Hudson Valley Dog Boarding is so patient to share the bed with dogs










Dogs and Diapers, That’s Crazy Talk You Say?

I made a little “Funny Ha Ha” video about an occasional issue that comes up for me as a dog boarder.

This isn't the dog this video is about, in fact the video isn't about any particular dog, but a story of accumulated experiences.