Month: February 2012

The Joys of New Snow

Here are some pictures from our snow fall a few days ago. New snow and dogs go together. (click on any picture to enlarge)

Here's Clover, Otis and Buster beginning their wrestle/run in the snow
I love this photo, Buster looks like a wild eyed, dog boy











Here are sweet Tassen and Dora, they're a couple of my favorites who come to stay with me
These two are moving to Norway shortly, I will surely miss them and their owner who I've so enjoyed knowing











Buster and Otis in a full sprint. I love Otis's tongue poking out like it's pointing the way
It looks like Dora has something to say to Otis











In the midst of it all Buster takes a breather
There's nothing like shoveling your face through the snow










In tandem, these two are fast friends, literally
I do believe they're going to catch 'im!












Random Cuteness

I have loads of little dogs right now! Here are pictures of a few of them and one or two from last week. Lots of cuteness and good looks. (click on any pic to enlarge)

Buster narrates the scene, letting us know what a late morning at Hudson Valley Dog Boarding looks like, Paulie and Clover playing in the background
I know this is the same as the last but I wanted to show you Paulie's ear flung up into the sun ray. Cute huh?











Leo doesn't see so well so he always has the cutest look on his face as he peers closely to see what's going on
He should be a Poodle model











Clover contemplates jumping into the middle of Hope The Cat
And from another angle













Toby is the handsome tall one with his ears just done. He's wanting to know how he can squeeze in
Buster finishes the photo diary by bidding you a good day hoping to see you and your dogs soon












Winter Walk

A walk from a week ago. I had Henry and Buster and we went with Ayumi, Clover and Poncho to Lake Louise. One of my favorite hikes close to me. (click on any pic to enlarge)

Buster fancy pants, he's a good boy, he is
It's hard to tell which way we're going on the steps. Technically we were going down












Nothing like a leap over logs to make for a good walk in the woods
Big Head Little Feet is what I like to call Poncho











Henry and Clover wrestling on the path. Which can be complicated for us bipedals on the walk if we're not paying attention..
More wrestling while walking. A gift dogs master while very young












Clover streaks over a log like a superhero in a yellow cape
I love bridges and other walkways that pop up on hikes, I'm like a kid that way.










Thank you Ayumi Horie for taking most of the pictures!












The Hudson Valley Dog Boarding Mascot, Hope

This is a little dedication to my beloved cat, Hope who has the patience to live her life with me and the many dogs who come to stay with us. She’s a saint I tell ya. (Click on any photo to enlarge)

She's super beautiful, see?
She was sitting on the arm of the couch discussing with me how she thought she should be fed three times a day rather than two.










This is her bed on my bed, right next to the window so she can direct the flight of birds and scowl at the squirrel who lives in our chimney
I really do wonder what she's thinking as she sits so close to Buster. A surprise pounce for Buster hmm?













I Only Bite My Best Friends

Here is a cute video Ayumi shot of Buster and Clover, Ayumi’s dog, using their mouths to show they care. I call this game, Who Can Eat Each The Other’s Mouth First.

Buster and Clover, best friends. (Click on photo to enlarge)