Month: April 2012

Some cute dogs

Spring as it progresses through the yard, we’re enjoying it, yes we are. (click on any photo to enlarge)

Allou decided to look silly for his picture and I was happy to oblige him
Buster decided to look suspicious in his. (Don't worry, if I take the ball, I'll throw it back)











Henry has let me know that he doesn't like his picture taken, but I'm good at catching him
Mid air, Buster always has time to fly around the yard











Who's a good lounger, hmm?
Rocky has long legs and shares in Henry's dislike of photography










Buster's version of sucking on a big cigar



A Pretty Visitor In The Yard

I haven’t posted much lately. Not for want of dogs, dare I admit camera laziness? I’ll get in gear.

So pretty is this Cardinal who often visits my yard. I spied him though my kitchen window just by chance. He was sitting on the tallest branch of the bush when I first spotted him but the picture I took was blurry.

It’s time to get a bird feeder.

Perched on the Butterfly Bush
I hope he comes when the bush is blooming, what a colorful combination it will be