Month: July 2012

Flowers and dogs, yes siree

I haven’t posted a blog since I’ve gotten my new iPhone. I’ve been Instagramming all my photos and posting them there and on FB. But I’m back and here are a few canine friends and flowers too.

This post is featuring Brody, a big tall happy Golden Doodle. He lives in Nova Scotia and came down here with his people to visit NY
The flowers just keep coming.











Minnie reminds me of my grandma here, that sounds weird but it feels right. And look close and you'll see Fluister in the shade, she doesn't look like any family members I can think of
oooo the pretty roses. I love this pic











Brody would walk with his head leaning against my leg as long as I kept petting his head. No need for lessons on how to heel
One of the views from where I walk the dogs












Just lookin' out the window, watching the cars go by..
Just hangin' my head over the couch, looking adorable..










How about that red on green? Love it.