Month: September 2012

A Summer in Review part III

The last of the summer pictures. I’m going to have to get moving for some Fall pics. Stay tuned
(click on any pic to enlarge)

Pretty, fluffy Annabelle looking like a movie star, with Ozzie in the background making funny faces at the camera
Lookee here, Miss Fancy Face strutting around the yard showing off her fancy face














Shy Krissy allowing for a quick picture
Maggie and Hope The Cat, sacked out














Oh Emmett! Who’s a cute guy?
Tin Tin finishing off the photos with a nice soft face and a sweet farewell to summer 2012 and hello Fall!













A Summer in Review part II

Here’s a second grouping of pictures from summer. A recap of fun.

Fergus gazing into the sun
Paulette and Lexy lounging 












The Sitting Bull of dogs, Teddy.
Jameil, a cute white fuzzy, with his housemate Annabelle in the back












A little crew of canines walking through the yard
Honest and Brody. Brody lives in Nova Scotia.












Toby, a handsome lad. A pup who’s turning out to be a decent and good fellow.
Otis looking cute with Toby in the back




Emmett and Katie

A little blog about Katie and Emmett. Having just met, they were the same size and temperament and had much fun. I took quite a few pictures, not as many turned out as I hoped but here are a few. (click on any photo to enlarge)

Meet Emmett, and Katie there in the background. They’ve just met and Emmett loves Katie already.
He chews her ear and Katie’s never offended











Katie patiently allowing me to put the camera in her face
The girl’s got her eye on the ball











This has got to be the funniest of the pictures I took. Look at that crazy wall eyed Emmett!
Here’s a quick shot of the wee little Boppo, in charge of the chair











Who’s a shiny guy, lovin’ the backyard?




A summer in review (part I)

Here are some Instagram pictures I’ve posted to my Facebook account through the summer. This is part one of three (click on any pic to enlarge) blog posts with my summer pictures. It’s been a great summer and I’m grateful to my new and regular clients for having me care for their dogs. It means a lot, thank you.

As we move into Fall and the holiday seasons be sure to schedule dates you need me for boarding as soon as you know, as my schedule fills quickly. Looking forward to hearing from you

Fluister is the designed like a patchwork quilt, so pretty. She’s a good companion.
Daisy, Miss Fluffy. I love this little thing, what a cuddler.













Sugar will lean in and close her eyes when you kiss her. I’ve never seen a dog do this and it makes my heart burst open every time. I kissed her about a thousand times.
Here’s Sugar again, sacked out.













Beautiful Fleur with the amber eyes
Leo, sweet little man from the city












Lexy is so involved in eating grass she hardly notices the foot on her head
Luli so soft and sweet. She’s a true pleasure to be with.













Honey, gazing out the window
Near and dear to my heart, my favorite slug, I mean pug, Paulette. She will let you squish and mash her any way you want. She’s wonderful to cuddle. But don’t let her docile nature fool you, she can really boss a dog around.