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Hudson Valley Dog Boarding
Sep 13 2012

A summer in review (part I)

Here are some Instagram pictures I’ve posted to my Facebook account through the summer. This is part one of three (click on any pic to enlarge) blog posts with my summer pictures. It’s been a great summer and I’m grateful to my new and regular clients for having me care for their dogs. It means a lot, thank you.

As we move into Fall and the holiday seasons be sure to schedule dates you need me for boarding as soon as you know, as my schedule fills quickly. Looking forward to hearing from you

Fluister is the designed like a patchwork quilt, so pretty. She’s a good companion.

Daisy, Miss Fluffy. I love this little thing, what a cuddler.













Sugar will lean in and close her eyes when you kiss her. I’ve never seen a dog do this and it makes my heart burst open every time. I kissed her about a thousand times.

Here’s Sugar again, sacked out.













Beautiful Fleur with the amber eyes

Leo, sweet little man from the city












Lexy is so involved in eating grass she hardly notices the foot on her head

Luli so soft and sweet. She’s a true pleasure to be with.













Honey, gazing out the window

Near and dear to my heart, my favorite slug, I mean pug, Paulette. She will let you squish and mash her any way you want. She’s wonderful to cuddle. But don’t let her docile nature fool you, she can really boss a dog around.


















Jul 3 2012

Flowers and dogs, yes siree

I haven’t posted a blog since I’ve gotten my new iPhone. I’ve been Instagramming all my photos and posting them there and on FB. But I’m back and here are a few canine friends and flowers too.

This post is featuring Brody, a big tall happy Golden Doodle. He lives in Nova Scotia and came down here with his people to visit NY

The flowers just keep coming.











Minnie reminds me of my grandma here, that sounds weird but it feels right. And look close and you'll see Fluister in the shade, she doesn't look like any family members I can think of

oooo the pretty roses. I love this pic











Brody would walk with his head leaning against my leg as long as I kept petting his head. No need for lessons on how to heel

One of the views from where I walk the dogs












Just lookin' out the window, watching the cars go by..

Just hangin' my head over the couch, looking adorable..










How about that red on green? Love it.



Jun 4 2012

Summertime yard naps

Hot days, after a few hours outside, make the senses dull down into deep naps and this is what we have here.

Starting out with the only picture in this series of dogs that are actually up and moving. Emmett and Clover doing what they do best.

Stella, pretty Stella, asleep on my foot. It just kills me how cute she is.











Poncho's so asleep his face is mashed into the grass

Ozzy, with Buddy in the background











Fergus likes a good lap and I so happen to have one




May 20 2012

Spring flowers in the yard

I moved into my little cottage in late September and this is my first Spring here. I am so pleased with how beautiful the yard is. I spend many hours outside with the dogs in this great environment. (click on any pic to enlarge)

Here's the row of blooming flowers on one side of the yard

I would love to tell you the names of the flowers but, although I can care for them, I don't remember all

So lovely!














Bleeding Hearts










Buster the Boston Terrier, in his element

White Iris










Hope spends a lot of time looking for chipmunks

Stella and Buster in the background, waiting for me to throw the ball










I'm happy here, so are my dogs. Come by and visit if you like the idea of your dog staying too





May 19 2012

Dogs dressed (well mostly), In Japan

Ayumi and I went to Japan a few weeks ago. It was my second time there and this time was even better than the first. We visited Nikko and Tokyo and here are some of the dogs we met. (click on any pic to enlarge)

We met this pug in Nikko on a rainy day at Toshogu Shrine

She had style, she had grace, she had a person who wore long socks











Sometimes you just have to carry your dachshund..

..and your Yorkie. It's hard being a dog in Japan..











Sporting her stripey dress while walking the streets of Tokyo

Most of my pictures are of dogs in the arms of their people aren't they?













Dachshunds are so popular here.

A portable Papillon









Apr 19 2012

Some cute dogs

Spring as it progresses through the yard, we’re enjoying it, yes we are. (click on any photo to enlarge)

Allou decided to look silly for his picture and I was happy to oblige him

Buster decided to look suspicious in his. (Don't worry, if I take the ball, I'll throw it back)











Henry has let me know that he doesn't like his picture taken, but I'm good at catching him

Mid air, Buster always has time to fly around the yard











Who's a good lounger, hmm?

Rocky has long legs and shares in Henry's dislike of photography










Buster's version of sucking on a big cigar



Apr 12 2012

A Pretty Visitor In The Yard

I haven’t posted much lately. Not for want of dogs, dare I admit camera laziness? I’ll get in gear.

So pretty is this Cardinal who often visits my yard. I spied him though my kitchen window just by chance. He was sitting on the tallest branch of the bush when I first spotted him but the picture I took was blurry.

It’s time to get a bird feeder.

Perched on the Butterfly Bush

I hope he comes when the bush is blooming, what a colorful combination it will be














Mar 30 2012

A Day In The Yard

Spring’s coming and we’re spending more time outside chasing the ball and catching some sun. Here’s a few pictures of what we’re currently up to. (click on any picture to enlarge)

Buster fast on the tail of Clover

Some running and wrestling with Honest too










Catching the ball is very serious business, I always have their complete attention.

The antisipation builds











And they're off

This is what it looks like when you think the ball is closer to your mouth than it is. Fail










What it looks like when you think the ball's going high and it goes low

Paulette and Honest look like an old couple who've been together forever











Mar 21 2012


Saying goodbye to Tassen and Dora who are moving to Norway with their Norwegian native human, Millie. I have cared for them often throughout the 8 or 9 months they and their human have lived here.

I’ve had them for six days as of today, Millie came and picked them up to begin their journeys abroad.

I love you very much, I will miss you.

They were two of the easiest dogs I've had the pleasure to board. Amiable, gentle and responsive.

Dora, always ready for interaction and very tolerant of face kisses, which can be rare in a dog











And sweet Tassen, he has my heart. A calm and self content boy, he would often sit out in the yard away from the other dogs and quietly watch the birds. His face always lit up when he saw me



Mar 14 2012

Arizona Visit

I was out in Arizona visiting family, my mom especially. Here are her sweet pets, Ginger and Oreo. (click on any photo to enlarge)

Here's Ginger waiting for her walk, I think she's even holding her breath

Sweet Oreo, stopping for a moment so I can snap a shot of his gorgeous self












Hang on, let me get this itch in my ear

Ginger does have some odd ideas about where it's ok to hang out











Oreo finds the roof to be an excellent vantage point to greet us after our walk in the neighborhood


Cats are tall when they want to be










Ginger looking like she's in a magazine photo

After and extensive tour of the yard, "And here's my favorite tree to scratch on, take a picture of me under it"