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Hudson Valley Dog Boarding
Jan 22 2014

More Pip

Pip’s been with me for six weeks now, her people are on an adventure.
Pip is an amiable girl, likes dogs and people alike. I will miss her when she leaves.

Click on pics to enlarge

Here's the snow

Here’s the snow

Here's Pip

Here’s Pip


This is Pip in snow

This is Pip in snow


She's so fast we call her Flash

She’s so fast we call her Flash


Pip makes snow more fun

Pip makes snow more fun


Custom snow boots, she made them herself

Custom snow boots, she made them herself

Thanks for taking a peek. Call now for available dates 845-202-0019


May 20 2012

Spring flowers in the yard

I moved into my little cottage in late September and this is my first Spring here. I am so pleased with how beautiful the yard is. I spend many hours outside with the dogs in this great environment. (click on any pic to enlarge)

Here's the row of blooming flowers on one side of the yard

I would love to tell you the names of the flowers but, although I can care for them, I don't remember all

So lovely!














Bleeding Hearts










Buster the Boston Terrier, in his element

White Iris










Hope spends a lot of time looking for chipmunks

Stella and Buster in the background, waiting for me to throw the ball










I'm happy here, so are my dogs. Come by and visit if you like the idea of your dog staying too





Feb 27 2012

The Joys of New Snow

Here are some pictures from our snow fall a few days ago. New snow and dogs go together. (click on any picture to enlarge)

Here's Clover, Otis and Buster beginning their wrestle/run in the snow

I love this photo, Buster looks like a wild eyed, dog boy











Here are sweet Tassen and Dora, they're a couple of my favorites who come to stay with me

These two are moving to Norway shortly, I will surely miss them and their owner who I've so enjoyed knowing











Buster and Otis in a full sprint. I love Otis's tongue poking out like it's pointing the way

It looks like Dora has something to say to Otis











In the midst of it all Buster takes a breather

There's nothing like shoveling your face through the snow










In tandem, these two are fast friends, literally

I do believe they're going to catch 'im!












Feb 18 2012

Winter Walk

A walk from a week ago. I had Henry and Buster and we went with Ayumi, Clover and Poncho to Lake Louise. One of my favorite hikes close to me. (click on any pic to enlarge)

Buster fancy pants, he's a good boy, he is

It's hard to tell which way we're going on the steps. Technically we were going down












Nothing like a leap over logs to make for a good walk in the woods

Big Head Little Feet is what I like to call Poncho











Henry and Clover wrestling on the path. Which can be complicated for us bipedals on the walk if we're not paying attention..

More wrestling while walking. A gift dogs master while very young












Clover streaks over a log like a superhero in a yellow cape

I love bridges and other walkways that pop up on hikes, I'm like a kid that way.










Thank you Ayumi Horie for taking most of the pictures!












Feb 6 2012

I Only Bite My Best Friends

Here is a cute video Ayumi shot of Buster and Clover, Ayumi’s dog, using their mouths to show they care. I call this game, Who Can Eat Each The Other’s Mouth First.

Buster and Clover, best friends. (Click on photo to enlarge)








Dec 30 2011

Henry and Rusty

These two aren’t inclined to play together for too long, but just enough for me to take a few pictures of these two handsome canines. You can click on any picture to enlarge it.

We had some sun yesterday. Every little bit counts. There's sweet Lexy in the picture too.












Rusty in the sun, shiny and bright.

Henry the Cute. Loads of personality, this one.










Dec 27 2011

Can Lexy do it?

Lexy is a sweet girl with a few socially awkward traits that are pretty cute. Here’s one of them.

Often dogs stop playing with each other when Lexy comes over to engage with them. They look at her like she's the awkward kid on the playground. Will Lexy be successful with Winston?

Come on Winston, she's a bit clumsy but she's loads of fun!












Winston thinks if he stands really still she'll eventually go away..

What? Winston makes his move!











Lexy, this looks like success!

It's fun making friends to wrestle with

Oct 22 2011

Insert Dog Here:

Here are some great Fall pictures of my cottage, the backyard and the views from it.

Just look at these pictures and Insert Dog Here:

I’m happy to have this space for myself and my dog boarders. Dogs stay in the cottage, not in kennels and get walks in the neighborhood or mini hikes in the local Scenic Hudson Parks near me. Contact me if it feels like the right place for you and your dog!


Oct 3 2011

Ozzie, the king of calm

Meet Ozzie, he's a very mellow guy rescued from down south. One of my favorites because he lets me kiss his squishy face for several minutes without losing patience.

When confronted with a days many options, he's one of those guys that says, "Hey, I'm up for it, let's just keep it chill."











Even Hope the Cat goes out of her way to connect with Ozzie. She likes him so much I've seen her weave between his legs and bump her head against his face for a quick rub.

The only question is, When's he coming back?

Jul 2 2011

More Gertie


Here’s a little peek into my yard with Gertie, she’s just a little slip of a girl. The sweetest Chihuahua I know.

Gertie likes being outside with me

Things are big in Gertie's world. Even grass is big.





There are certain rituals that must be upheld when outside. First, find some sort of insect or worm that has died and roll on it. This gives other dogs scent information about your good taste and status in the yard.




Also, squinting is customary to enhance the "very small dog in big world under a powerful sun" look












But the most important task in Gertie's trip outside is sunning her bat like ears.

Thank you for visiting me in Robin's yard. I'll just be here squinting and sunning..