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More Gertie


Here’s a little peek into my yard with Gertie, she’s just a little slip of a girl. The sweetest Chihuahua I know.

Gertie likes being outside with me
Things are big in Gertie's world. Even grass is big.





There are certain rituals that must be upheld when outside. First, find some sort of insect or worm that has died and roll on it. This gives other dogs scent information about your good taste and status in the yard.




Also, squinting is customary to enhance the "very small dog in big world under a powerful sun" look












But the most important task in Gertie's trip outside is sunning her bat like ears.

Thank you for visiting me in Robin's yard. I'll just be here squinting and sunning..










Finding refuge from what she considers the riff raff below
Gertie prefers the company of the two legged variety










Photos taken by Ayumi Horie