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Hudson Valley Dog Boarding
Dec 3 2013

Those who sit above and those who sit on

If your dogs have a penchant for sitting above or on, give me a call and let’s talk about dog boarding and perching.

Peggy Sue is a sitter on-er. This particularly applies to her sister Allie

Peggy Sue is a sitter on-er. This particularly applies to her sister Allie

Queen Pip is a percher, surveying her adopted kingdom, my cottage

Queen Pip is a percher, surveying her adopted kingdom, my cottage

Fergus likes to be high an discreet

Fergus likes to be high and discreet

But, Peggy Sue's sitting-on expertise does extend to my legs or any other part of me that looks comfortable at the moment

Peggy Sue’s sitting-on expertise also extends to my legs, or any other part of me that looks comfortable at the moment

May 20 2012

Spring flowers in the yard

I moved into my little cottage in late September and this is my first Spring here. I am so pleased with how beautiful the yard is. I spend many hours outside with the dogs in this great environment. (click on any pic to enlarge)

Here's the row of blooming flowers on one side of the yard

I would love to tell you the names of the flowers but, although I can care for them, I don't remember all

So lovely!














Bleeding Hearts










Buster the Boston Terrier, in his element

White Iris










Hope spends a lot of time looking for chipmunks

Stella and Buster in the background, waiting for me to throw the ball










I'm happy here, so are my dogs. Come by and visit if you like the idea of your dog staying too





Feb 27 2012

The Joys of New Snow

Here are some pictures from our snow fall a few days ago. New snow and dogs go together. (click on any picture to enlarge)

Here's Clover, Otis and Buster beginning their wrestle/run in the snow

I love this photo, Buster looks like a wild eyed, dog boy











Here are sweet Tassen and Dora, they're a couple of my favorites who come to stay with me

These two are moving to Norway shortly, I will surely miss them and their owner who I've so enjoyed knowing











Buster and Otis in a full sprint. I love Otis's tongue poking out like it's pointing the way

It looks like Dora has something to say to Otis











In the midst of it all Buster takes a breather

There's nothing like shoveling your face through the snow










In tandem, these two are fast friends, literally

I do believe they're going to catch 'im!












Feb 6 2012

I Only Bite My Best Friends

Here is a cute video Ayumi shot of Buster and Clover, Ayumi’s dog, using their mouths to show they care. I call this game, Who Can Eat Each The Other’s Mouth First.

Buster and Clover, best friends. (Click on photo to enlarge)








Dec 3 2011

Some time in the yard, featuring Stella

Just a lazy moment of warm sun in the yard. Played a little ball, sniffed plants and soaked up the warm Fall weather.

Tassen the regal boy in the back, Nalah's standing with her tail towards us and Stella, trotting in.

Time to throw the ball for Stella











She loves a good game of ball in the sun

Tassen and Stella being patient with picture taking time


Nov 12 2011

Rusty Blends

I’m so happy to sneak in more walks in the warmth of this slow moving Fall. It’s like grabbing another handful of Halloween candy.

Rusty is ready for a hike

Although Frenchies have long since been bred for bull baiting, in the Fall leaves Rusty could easily slip up on an oblivious grazing bull and bite an ankle. Can you find Rusty? (Click on any picture to enlarge)

A favorite find on a hike is an old stone wall that once designated a property line. These walls were built from the 1600s up into the 1800s. I like to see if I can spot an old foundation of a house or barn that once stood on the property.

A panoramic view of this side of the lake..

And this side

Rusty went "out on a limb" to check out the temperature of the water which he shortly found out moments after the picture was taken by slipping into the water for a surprise swim

It was a warm Fall day and we sat listening to the quiet and watched the occasional bird on the water and in the sky.

Nov 5 2011

Shelby and Rusty at Lighthouse Park

I hope you’re enjoying all the pictures I’m posting of our walks in the area. I’m really getting into the beauty of this place. I’ve lived here for two years and I keep seeing more and more I want to show you. Please click on any of the pictures you want to get a better view of, they’ll enlarge. Please enjoy!

Kingston Lighthouse on the Hudson River

Small waves on the river in hightide











Meet Miss Shelby, she's a sweet girl who loves a scent to follow on walks

Oh and looky here, Mr. Rusty a fine Frenchie, likes Shelby and sweetly follows her lead











The light was bright with a strong pre-winter breeze off the river.

A quick look at the water from high











As you can see my usual view of canines in walks is mostly from the rear

The tall and the short of it











We could really feel the wind close to the water. The tide was high and there was the sound of the waves on shore to listen to

mmmm beautiful












panoramic, water and sky


Oct 28 2011

Fall in the Hudson Valley (featuring Clover)

This area offers walks in parks and rail trails of such beauty. Here’s one of those walks.

Here's my crew, Henry, Tin Tin Poncho and wee Clover, walking on the rail trail near the tressle bridge in Rosendale, NY

Ayumi, adoring little Clover with Henry and Tin Tin











Clover, (well most of her) airborne

Is she really that small?!










More leaves on the ground than in the trees at this point

This area used to be mined for cement in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Here's an abandoned conveyer belt










often the miners would hit a spring that would fill the area they were working in and they would abandon it back to nature

The water is often so clear, being spring water. These spots are always beautiful











Clover samples a twig while we enjoy the scenery

A good day

Jul 25 2011

A swim for Azay

Azay is an interesting name for a very handsome large Golden Retriever I have the pleasure of boarding occasionally. He’s a gentle soul and a looker indeed. Ayumi and I took him to the stream in High Falls


This water is such a cool relief from our Hudson Valley heat wave

Azay spots a sleek black German Shepard swimming with his owner










Mid shake, love this picture

He's Dog Star cute










Ayumi Horie took all photos

Jul 23 2011

A Hot Day in the Hamlet

Honest in the kitchen

It hit 100+ yesterday and we were really feeling it here in Cottekill, despite having the AC cranked. My brood of charges spent most of the day prone and very still. No one wanted to go out and play, including the humans.

Azay with Ayumi in her studio, close to the AC







Honey seeks the cool of the studio bathroom tiles



Jacob zzzzzz








Our Poncho, it's beyond me why he would lay on this wool bed..



Beautiful Hope, on the landing. It's as far upstairs as she would go.










Best cure for this kind of heat? Two water bowls, ice cubes, fans and AC.