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Saying goodbye to Tassen and Dora who are moving to Norway with their Norwegian native human, Millie. I have cared for them often throughout the 8 or 9 months they and their human have lived here.

I’ve had them for six days as of today, Millie came and picked them up to begin their journeys abroad.

I love you very much, I will miss you.

They were two of the easiest dogs I've had the pleasure to board. Amiable, gentle and responsive.
Dora, always ready for interaction and very tolerant of face kisses, which can be rare in a dog











And sweet Tassen, he has my heart. A calm and self content boy, he would often sit out in the yard away from the other dogs and quietly watch the birds. His face always lit up when he saw me



Ozzie, the king of calm

Meet Ozzie, he's a very mellow guy rescued from down south. One of my favorites because he lets me kiss his squishy face for several minutes without losing patience.
When confronted with a days many options, he's one of those guys that says, "Hey, I'm up for it, let's just keep it chill."











Even Hope the Cat goes out of her way to connect with Ozzie. She likes him so much I've seen her weave between his legs and bump her head against his face for a quick rub.
The only question is, When's he coming back?