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Hudson Valley Dog Boarding
Dec 7 2013

Come Run, Come All

I love to watch dogs chase and play. It’s all a blur..

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photo 3

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Oct 28 2011

Fall in the Hudson Valley (featuring Clover)

This area offers walks in parks and rail trails of such beauty. Here’s one of those walks.

Here's my crew, Henry, Tin Tin Poncho and wee Clover, walking on the rail trail near the tressle bridge in Rosendale, NY

Ayumi, adoring little Clover with Henry and Tin Tin











Clover, (well most of her) airborne

Is she really that small?!










More leaves on the ground than in the trees at this point

This area used to be mined for cement in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Here's an abandoned conveyer belt










often the miners would hit a spring that would fill the area they were working in and they would abandon it back to nature

The water is often so clear, being spring water. These spots are always beautiful











Clover samples a twig while we enjoy the scenery

A good day

Jul 25 2011

A swim for Azay

Azay is an interesting name for a very handsome large Golden Retriever I have the pleasure of boarding occasionally. He’s a gentle soul and a looker indeed. Ayumi and I took him to the stream in High Falls


This water is such a cool relief from our Hudson Valley heat wave

Azay spots a sleek black German Shepard swimming with his owner










Mid shake, love this picture

He's Dog Star cute










Ayumi Horie took all photos