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Saying goodbye to Tassen and Dora who are moving to Norway with their Norwegian native human, Millie. I have cared for them often throughout the 8 or 9 months they and their human have lived here.

I’ve had them for six days as of today, Millie came and picked them up to begin their journeys abroad.

I love you very much, I will miss you.

They were two of the easiest dogs I've had the pleasure to board. Amiable, gentle and responsive.
Dora, always ready for interaction and very tolerant of face kisses, which can be rare in a dog











And sweet Tassen, he has my heart. A calm and self content boy, he would often sit out in the yard away from the other dogs and quietly watch the birds. His face always lit up when he saw me



Sad to see them go

The sweetest beloved, TBoneSallie. She has a huge chunk of my heart.

Something has come up for me, being a boarder of dogs. A sadness in seeing the dogs go back home. An attachment grows and I regret when they leave.
When I had a dog walking business in NYC and used to pet sit, it didn’t bother me as much to leave my dogs because the next day I would be back, taking them for their walks. Now that I’m out of the city, upstate and not walking dogs daily, I only see my dogs the next time my clients go out of town. It’s a different relationship now. Maybe this sadness is a luxury to feel, someone might roll their eyes even, but it’s real for me.


Otis, scrappy and happy. An excellent, gentle playfulness.





Just now, not but two minutes ago I said goodbye to Otis. He’s like furry sunshine and although our house is happy it’s not quite as bright when he leaves.



Penny, she can melt anyone's heart, dogs and people alike.


The more I think about this, I begin to believe it is a luxury to feel this particular kind of melancholy. How many people get to have these temporary relationships, with dogs or anyone else for that matter? Brief times of cuddling and caring for someone, then the goodbye and eventually a hello again? This experience is an example of that which “hurts so good”.




Photos taken by Ayumi Horie